Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Can't enjoy some chilled drinks or appetizers because you have no ice? It looks like you need to call Plantation Appliance Repair in Plantation.

We work with the most common brands and others that are off the beaten path too.

• Self-Contained Ice Machines

• Modular Ice Machines

• Built-In & Undercounter Ice Makers

• Portable & Countertop Ice Makers

Frequent Issues

No ice being produced

This could be the result of low pressure or a bad water inlet valve. This usually happens when no water is getting to the maker.

Electrical failure is a common culprit of these types of things. If could also be a valve that's not working due to being clogged. Most professionals will be able to pinpoint this right away.

Ice machine doesn't eject ice

This means your maker's assembly has something wrong with it. There may be only one piece that needs to be fixed but a whole replacement is entirely possible as well.

However, to your luck, most brands have ice maker assemblies that are similar in design so what works in one brand's ice maker will work in most others. The only drawback is that component pieces are rarely sold alone so entire replacements usually take place over repairs.

Ice Maker Leaks

This one baffles a lot of people who experience it and it may seem like common sense but a lot of people overlook it. If your fridge is on an unbalanced surface then it means water will spill out to one side. Examine the water supply line as well for anything strange.

You should also examine your fill cup and make sure it is aligned properly with the water funnel. A small leak may seem like no big deal but water damage repairs are much more expensive than having a technician come in and see what the issue is.

A defective mold thermostat or icemaker switch are other problems that could make your fridge leak all over the place.

Freezer temperature too high

You should use a thermometer to check the freezer temperature. Anything over 10 degrees Fahrenheit is going to cause issues in making ice cubes. After that, you can adjust the thermostat accordingly but if the problem persist then it mostly means it's time for a new one.

Call Plantation Appliance Repair of Plantation, FL

We have support on all hours and weekends in order to help you fix your ice maker and other appliances. Our customer support is trained to coach you through explaining the problem thoroughly enough where our techs will be able to make a proper diagnosis before they even have to come in.On top of that, we have unbeatable prices and a satisfaction guarantee that's unmatched. So give us a call today.