Oven Repair

Oven Repair

A quality oven is something you can't go wrong with. Its versatility to cook a range of foods from a nice roast turkey or lamb chops, a reverse seared steak or stuffed chicken or if you have a sweet tooth, some cookies and brownies.

The issue is that your oven can break down and prevent you from enjoying these delectable gifts to your tongue if you aren't careful and call someone to come and fix it as soon as possible. There should be no reason to fret since we here at Plantation Appliance Repair can have your oven back up and running within the same day of your call.

Why Isn't It Working?

Ovens aren't the most complex but there can be a lot of things that are the root cause of one issue. Your pilot light or igniting flame could be out which is why you don't get any flame on your burners. You could also have an electrical issue that prevents your burners from turning on(if you have a convection oven).

It might sound nice to be a handyman and try to do the repairs yourself but when you're inexperienced and going by trial and error that can lead to even more damage potentially which means more money in the long run since the technician has more to fix now.

We get it though. There are a lot of sleazy companies out there that will run up a bill to do a simple replacement of a part or purposefully hinder the performance of your appliance so they have to come in more frequently and charge for more repairs.

Rest assured we don't need to do that as we have a 100% transparency policy and for some repairs, we walk you through them over the phone. Most important is safety. There are quite a few electrical-related injuries every year and we don't want you to be one of them.

Oven won't start

For most, simply reheating a pilot light will have your oven and stove working as they normally should. If that doesn't fix it then it's most likely an issue with the heat source of the oven being damaged that results in cold or undercooked food. Knowing exactly what issue is affecting you will help our techs tackle the problem much faster by not focusing on unimportant issues.

Too Hot

This can be measured by running a test with a secondary thermostat to see what the readings are. For a 2 hour period, you can take multiple readings and look at the averages between both thermostats. If they match then the problem is most likely something else that needs to be addressed promptly.

Door Issues

If your oven won't close properly then the sealant around the edges is probably off or deteriorating which gives it that loose feeling when tugging on it. If it's having an issue opening and closing then it's most likely the latch that's faulty or hinges that are off-center.

Call Plantation Appliance Repair of Plantation, FL?

If you have the old school gas oven or the newer convection oven, we are able to work with both types and get you back to new within a reasonable time frame. With most manufacturers giving extended warranties on their products, you can rest easy knowing that they won't need to be replaced for a very long time. Give us a call next time you get heated over your oven not working.