Washer & Dryer Repair

Washing Machines And Dryers

Laundry is one of the daily routines that are common throughout every household. This makes your washing machine and dryer an important part of your daily routine and some of the hardest working appliances in your home. When one or both of them break down, it can really be a serious inconvenience.

You are in luck if you live in or around the Plantation, FL area because Plantation Appliance Repair is here to help you out. Many people think that when their washing machine or dryer breaks, they have to just go and buy a new one and this couldn't be farther from the truth.

We can save you a lot of green if you give us a call. We can come out and diagnose the problems that may be going on with your appliances. If you need to buy a new one, we will let you know. If there is a cheaper option through repair, we will let you know that too.

Another thing that we can advise you on is regular maintenance. We can let you know the best steps to take to make sure that your washer and dryer stay running for as long as possible. We can also do the maintenance for you so that you know that it was done properly and that your appliances are well cared for.

Don't just jump to the conclusion of having to go out and buy a new one, give us a call first.

Dryer Problems

There is a wide range of different problems that can plague a dryer. Some of them depend on whether it is a gas or electric dryer. Some of these issues include:

• Clogged vents

• Dryer not starting

• It isn't spinning or tumbling as it should

• It isn't getting as hot as it should or it's not getting hot at all

• Strange, out of the ordinary, or loud noises

Our experts understand all of the problems that can plague all types, brands, and models of dryers and can get the problem fixed.

Washing Machine Problems

Washing machines, like dryers, have a lot of different working parts that can break or malfunction. Some of the issues that can plague your washing machine include:

• The water isn't draining out of the machine

• The washing machine turns off mid-cycle

• The washing machine isn't filling up with water

• It is making loud or unusual noises

• The spin cycle won't kick on

• The drum will not spin or agitate as it should

Plantation Appliance Repair Plantation, FL

Before you go and blow hundreds of dollars on a new washing machine and/or dryer. Our professional repair technicians have the right tools, knowledge, training, and experience to get your machine up and running again. And if the machine is beyond the point of repair they are going to let you know that too.

We have established a reputation for honest and quality repair work and we are proud of that reputation. If you are having issues with your washer or dryer, give us a call today.